Public Administration Education in Thailand

By Suwida Nuamcharoen

The previous blog shows the “The Background of Public Administration in Thailand”
Now I will pursue the chronology of Public Administration Education in Thailand

The study of Public administration can be divided into six periods. It starts in 1940s when the two first prestigious universities, Chulalongkorn University and Thummasart University, formed the faculty of Political Science and opened the Master Program of the Public Administration under the faculty of the Political Science. It was the when Thailand had to prepare state personnel in order to serve the arranged services and activities in many new ministries. The Public Administration in this period got an influence from the United States.

The second period is from 1957- 1967 (B.E. 2500 -2510), National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) was founded. It was the starting point when the Public Administration was considered as a science not a branch of the Political Sciences. The important events in this period are the foundation of NIDA, separated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Thummasart University and the foundation of the department of Public Administration, Chulalongkorn University.

The third period is from 1968- 1977 (B.E. 2511 -2520). The Science of Public Administration was developing and blooming. The Policy Science had its start in the history of The Public Administration as a subject. The fourth period is from 1978- 1987 (B.E. 2521 -2530). The birth of “Policy Science” as a study program is in this period. The Master degrees and Doctoral degrees of Public Administration were available in many Thai universities. They opened special programs which were arranged in the evening and weekend. The fifth period is from 1988- 1997 (B.E. 2531 -2540).

In this period, it was very popular for student because of the need of workforce from the public sector. The last period is from 1999- Present (B.E. 2541 –present). The Public Administration was the highest bloom thanks to the expansion of Private and Public universities. The education in Thailand has been producing many Thai scholars, theorists, practitioners and many administrators in many ministries and public functions. (Yawaprapas, 2012)

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