About Us


 Due to the fact that Sukhothai Thummathirat Open University was established to be an open university to educate people through a distance self-study education system. At the beginning, the university selected to operate teaching programs by responding to social needs and the readiness of the university in order that the university was capable to provide the standardized education. The social need assessment was committed according to the Fifth National Economic and Social Development Plan and the survey was based on the public opinion

toward an open university. Regarding to the readiness of the university, it was concerned firstly about the personnel aspect: the expertise and experience of the lecturers that were recruited at that time. Secondly, the attributes of disciplines that fit the distance education system and available teaching media in Thailand, were an additional criterion.

From these criteria, the university started with three schools of study. The School of Management Science was one of them. The School of Management Science launched many programs; that is, Management Science program, Construction Management program, Business Administration  program, Public Administration and Accounting program in 1980 – 1981 and has been operating since then.  


  We aim to expand the educational opportunities in Management Sciences both in private and public spheres for all people. We focused on the research, dissemination and application of knowledge to respond to social needs.


  The School of Management Science is geared up to the academic excellence in Management Sciences to respond to the people’s needs to study and develop.


 To improve human resource and produce graduates in Management Sciences that support economic and social development of the country.To enhance the research in Management Sciences for the academic advancement and the development of the country.To be an academic service center for people as well as to disseminate the knowledge in Management Sciences for businessmen, public officers and business administrators in many sectors. To encourage ethics and morality in administrative and management professions.

Core value : TIPS


  • Be Teamwork
  • Focus on Common interest
  • Help sincerely one another
  • Be responsible and do one’s best
  • Be family
  • Be emotionally stable
  • Be happy in working


  • Fair work
  • Be fair, equal and transparent
  • Respect one another
  • Be punctual
  • Academic coverage and accuracy.


  • Work proactively
  • Build networks
  • Continuously self-develop
  • Think outside the box


  • Good spirit as a teacher
  • Student focus
  • True love in the profession
  • Trust in the distance education system
  • Be a good member in the organization


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